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By working at industry leading entertainment PR firms such as PMK*BNC and ID PR, I had the opportunity to help craft and manage the branding efforts of brands such as Nintendo, Activision, Sony Playstation, and Netflix. There I was tasked with developing media strategies, new business proposals, and marketing copy for everything from product launch announcements to case studies. I've also consulted for film studios such as Warner Bros., where I managed digital media campaigns for the Home Entertainment division's Blu-ray and DVD releases and classic film streaming platform, Warner Archive Instant. Here are some samples of my work:

Campaign Results

While at ID PR in 2010, I was the lead media representative for Nintendo's engagement in the entertainment space. I was tasked with writing taglines and marketing event plans [including budgets] for product launches such as Donkey Kong Country Returns for Wii, and securing celebrity endorsements for the Super Mario 25th anniversary campaign [his "birthday"]. I negotiated both the video endorsement and contract for actress Rachel Bilson as well as the following media placement, in addition to several spots that ran in E! News, Access Hollywood, and Entertainment Tonight. 

Business Development Proposal

As part of ID PR's effort to bridge the gap between celebrities and brands, I was responsible for pitching and helping sign new business on a consistent basis. As both a music and extreme sports fan, the talent division at ID asked me to write a proposal and help sign snowboarder Shaun White, who was looking for a marketing strategy to help expand his presence in the entertainment space. 

Case Study

At the request of Nintendo's in-house marketing team, I became ID PR's lead PR copywriter for all report cards, case studies, PR plans, media pitches, and taglines. The following is a case study I created as a recap of our celebrity event at Comic-Con 2010 for Nintendo's Wii's Dragon Quest IX. 

PR Plan

As a digital media consultant for Warner Bros. Home Entertainment in 2014, one of my focus areas was leading the online media strategy for UltraViolet -- the studio's digital locker system. The following is a PR plan I created to engage UltraViolet users through Flixster, WB's popular and user-friendly social movie site.

Press Release

As part of the PR team at Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, I led the strategy and day-to-day media outreach for the Warner Archive Instant streaming service [which focused on publicizing classic and cult films through media outreach]. The following is a press release I wrote to announce the all-new iPad app for Warner Archive Instant. 

Fact Sheet

As part of PMK*BNC's business development team, I was responsible for rebranding the classic Jim Russell Racing Driver's School [a strategic partner of Audi, an anchor client at the agency when I was there]. The following is a fact sheet I wrote as a media outreach tool to help the team communicate both the history and key messages of the Jim Russell brand. 

Media Clip 1

While at PMK*BNC, I was allowed to manage and pitch my own individual roster of clients. The following is a median placement I helped develop with both an editor and reporter at the New York Times to produce on behalf of my client, TrueCookPlus, a consumer-friendly microwave oven company we branded as "changing the way the world cooks." That same week, I secured a similar placement in The Wall Street Journal. 

Media Clip 2

As part of Bacardi's continuing effort to infuse their spirit brand with the world of pop music, the brand became a sponsor of The Black Eyed Peas The E.N.D World Tour in 2010. I was tasked with creating a strategy to help secure coverage in local markets during the tour with both music and food/wine editors. I also conducted all of the media outreach in markets such as Los Angeles, Denver, and Arizona. Here is just one of about 20 placements I secured for the tour. 

Media Clip 3

At ID PR, in the early days of Netflix becoming the leader of streaming, I was responsible for securing coverage for Netflix in key entertainment media outlets. The goal was to engage celebrity fans and then broadcast their streaming habits in key lifestyle media outlets. Here is one example of a placement I secured in Yahoo! that would eventually help Netflix become the leader in film and TV streaming.

Media Clip 4

At ID PR, I also worked on the Neutrogena business as part of their initiative to help promote "safe sun" products. The following is a media placement in Men's Fitness I secured to promote their product line and corporate strategy with a growing male demographic. 


As part of the PMK*BNC media team for anchor client Air Jordan, I had the opportunity to not only help launch Air Jordan sneakers and shoot hoops with Kyrie Irving in Madison Square Garden. I was also tasked with ghostwriting editorial on behalf of Air Jordan athletes such as Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony. Here is just one sample article written on behalf of Chris Paul listing his top 10 favorite Air Jordan sneakers in men's lifestyle blog AskMen.

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