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Press Release

Prior to the release of her book, Appetite For Dysfunction: A Cautionary Tale, former Guns N' Roses manager Vicky Hamilton asked me to write the press release for the book's promotional tour, which included an interview in Rolling Stone behind both a press release and a controversial memoir I helped copy edit.

Record Label Bio

Having written about Burger Records and local California garage rock since 2013, helping break several of now popular bands in the L.A. music scene, Burger Records reached out to me and asked that I write their label's official bio.

Band Bio - Sample 1

This is a bio I wrote for psychedelic-folk singer Jessie Jones, formerly of Feeding People. 

Band Bio - Sample 2

This is the bio I wrote for the Exotic Adrian Street, a Welsh professional wrestler and glam rocker from the '80s. 

Band Bio - Sample 3

This is a bio I wrote for an Iranian psych-rock band called Psychic Bloom. 

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