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Billed as the "ad agency of the future," by former Coca Cola advertising executive Lee Roth, Consider and Done needed to be branded in such a way that it spoke to both marketers and tech-savvy millennials looking for freelance work in the digital age. It required a voice that was millennial, smart, and highly creative. I was hired by the ad executives at Mistress Creative, along with Roth, the client, to produce the digital copy for Consider and Doneprior to launch. Here are are samples of my work:

Brand Voice

In order to establish the brand's tone of voice, I created the following document as a blueprint for the copy that would follow on both the website and investor deck. My mission was to keep it engaging, plainly spoken, and witty, which would create the framework for a brand that was the future of advertising for millennials, not the past.  

Website Copy

As part of my assignment for the team at Mistress, I was tasked with developing the copy for the Consider and Done website, where I worked with both design and marketing to develop a consistent direction, flow, tone, and copy that would become the brand's identity. My copy is now live on the Consider and Done website, which I helped design in concert with the brand voice copy. 


The following is a list of potential taglines I crafted for Consider and Done. As part of the assignment, I was tasked with delivering the brand message [a slogan] in less than 10 words. Like any strong tagline, the mission was to bring to life the brand voice in a highly actionable slogan that's memorable and on-brand. 

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