ART TAVANA is a former arts and culture columnist at Playboy, L.A. Weekly, HelloGiggles, and Death + Taxes (Spin's culture and politics blog). In 2017, Art won an L.A. Press Club award for his work at L.A. Weekly. 


Art's byline has appeared in VICE, Spin, USA Today Pop Candy, Amadeus Magazine, Billboard, Paste, Arc Digital, Penthouse, HuffPost, Spectator USA, Village Voice, O.C. Weekly, The A.V. Club, MTV News, Consequence of Sound, Pitchfork, Quillette, Medium, Tom Tom Magazine, and Ultimate Classic Rock. 


Art recently completed writing his first book, Goodbye, Guns N’ Roses (ECW Press, 2021). He is currently writing his debut novel (forthcoming)For inquiries relating to publishing, please contact David Patterson at Stuart Krichevsky in New York.